Learn To Fly 3

Learn To Fly 3 QQQQLearn To Fly 3, The Simplest Funniest Way To Fly written by: CraigLe Of all the online games, Learn to Fly 3, is probably the most interesting. Learn how that is possible. You will find simple ways that will enable you become the most flamboyant player among your peers. Learn to Fly 3 is a unique, superb and brilliant online game. Before we go further, it is wise to know a few basics such as: What does this game entail? How is it played? Which Game Is This? Learn to fly 3 is one of the interesting online games that requires one to learn tricks and tactics of knowing how to fly as high and far as possible. This is done with the aid of a penguin.

You may wonder; how can I teach a penguin fly? This is made possible by Learn to Fly 3. Once the penguin leaves the ramp, you are supposed to direct it know how to fly. When the penguin is in the air, you use the arrows of the keyboard to direct it wherever you want. The arrows help you set the best angle that you want your penguin fly. The left arrow for instance, will aid you in directing the penguin in the upward direction. In this way, the nose will face upwards. On the other hand, the right arrow will help you point the penguin towards the ground. Many a times though, your penguin should be leveled to maximize the speed. Buying a rocket will be of help at this point. Use it to hit the space bar. Being outside the red zone will help you save fuel. Continue accelerating to achieve the best results but remember the red zone. Since there are approximately three modes to play from, the ultimate goal is to learn how to fly. You will find that the three modes will just help you achieve that. Take your time and find fun as you learn to fly 3 with classic, story and arcade modes.

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